Program, MP3 Player, 2003-02

MXP3 v1.2, Flash MP3 Player (no longer works due to flash updates)
Author: Justin Black

My senior year of high school I worked on a senior capstone project in macromedia flash, as part of that project I was using Flash’s mp3 player capabilities, which were fairly new at the time. I thought the mp3 capabilities were so neat, that I developed a stand-alone flash mp3 player.

I was quite active in flash actionscript programming forums, and I posted my
source code for my mp3 player online on the forums, which was one of the first open source
flash mp3 players. It was well received and helped people develop their own mp3 players. I titled my flash player MXP3, because I built it in Macromedia Flash MX.

My MP3 Player’s Features:

*means all settings are saved to the hd and loaded when the user returns to
the player

initial songs dynamically loaded from unformatted textfile through Flash
volume slider, mute, pan slider*
alphabetized playlist*
random/repeat/once through playlist modes *
browse(filebrowser) and load songs from your own computer into the playlist
add songs by url or path
double click song selection in playlist
playlist has multiple selection
songs can be removed with the minus button (single or multiple songs)
Winamp-style draggable playlist items
all standard buttons: last song, pause, stop, play, next song
fast forward, rewind(hold down next or previous song buttons)
previous songs array(index based) corrects for any added or removed songs
song time position, time remaining(click on the time), and totaltime display
supports online and local songs, detects if song is buffering
player keeps the stopped mode or playing mode when moving to the next song
scrolling songtitles if title is too big for the textbox
draggable player

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